I’ts time to take back control of your life & your routine.

It's time to get organised, create a work-life balance, and spend more time with YOURSELF.

It's time to turn this all into action.

What's included within the free bundle:

  • Access to Emily's Facebook Community 'The Modern Mums Collective', a community for those who are ready for a lifestyle of more time, more control and more freedom.
  • Instant subscription to my Google 'Me-Time' calendar, where you can find all of my daily, weekly & monthly free tools, trainings and guided journey's. You will also have access to all past trainings & recordings.
  • 'Elevate Postitivity' - The only self-hypnosis track you need to move from negative vibes to wearing your positive pants.
  • 15 Unique journalling points, which come direct from the 'Elevate' Adira Lifestyle programme, which PROVE to help you shift, shuffle & elevate.

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